MIDLIGE RICHTER, L.L.C, provides a diverse aray of legal services for clients throughout New Jersey.  We understand our clients seek the firm's counsel for the highest caliber of service provided by motivated and honest attorneys.  We never lose sight of the fact your legal matters are of the utmost importance and deserve our prompt and diligent attention.

In addition to over 25 years combined legal experience, the latest technology, and a dedicated staff, we provide personalized service for each client's unique legal circumstance.  

We represent large institutions, healthcare providers, and individuals in the fields of Healthcare, PIP reimbursement, Real Estate, Personal Injury Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Employment Litigation, Business Services, and Municipal Law.

During your free initial consultation you can trust that MIDLIGE RICHTER will provide an honest assessment of your legal matter, as well as the options for resolution or litigation.  


645 Martinsville Road | Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 | tel: (908) 626-0622 fax: (908) 626-0322

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