Personal Injury Protection ("PIP") arbitration:

MIDLIGE RICHTER is one of the largest and foremost law firms pursuing PIP benefit recovery on behalf of healthcare providers in New Jersey.  We have successfully handled thousands of PIP claims before the National Arbitration Forum on behalf of medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, multi-disciplinary practices, surgery centers, hospitals, and acupuncturist’s diagnostic facilities. 

Prior employment by the insurance industry, an experienced staff, unique and proprietary software, and a complete familiarity with the arbitration process gives us the in-depth understanding needed for success in such cases.  Mr. Midlige also currently serves on the National Arbitration Association's advisory council.

We utilize our experience and knowledge when pursuing benefits denied or delayed due to medical necessity, causation, fee schedule, coding, and pre-certification disputes.  We also pursue underpayments or “VCR” disputes.  Unfortunately, many providers do not realize that for many services, they do not have to accept the minimal payments made by an insurance company, and may be entitled to their billed amount.  These usual, customary, and reasonableness disputes form a large portion of the PIP claims we pursue in an effort to secure FULL payment.
We believe in the axiom, justice delayed is justice denied.  Thus, we aggressively seek a rapid resolution on behalf of our clients to minimize the impact delayed payment has on your practice.

Our fees are strictly contingent on our success at arbitration. If we secure your payment, New Jersey law provides the insurance company pays our fee.  We take no fee from our provider clients.

We offer free consultations for providers to review whether they are receiving appropriate payment from the insurance industry.



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