A significant portion of our practice is dedicated to representing healthcare providers with the various issues presented in today's complicated practice environment.  We counsel hospitals, surgical centers, and practitioners engaged in numerous specialties.  Our focus is to provide the best possible advice and representation to each provider with particular attention to the specialty practiced.

We believe the best way to deal with litigation or an insurance company investigation is to avoid it through sound practice management. Accordingly, we regularly analyze our client's business and practice structure to determine compliance with the multitude of State and Federal regulations bearing on the rendition of health care services. 

We counsel our clients regarding compliance with Federal and State anti-kickback laws, fraud and abuse statutes, corporate practice of medicine issues, sound billing practices, appropriate business relationships, and of course when responding to discovery requests from insurers.

Additionally, many clients seek the benefit of our experience only after a disciplinary proceeding or litigation has commenced.  We have extensive experience representing providers before their governing board.   We recognize any disciplinary action is extremely serious to the provider and potentially directly impacts that individual's livelihood.  Therefore, our efforts in this regard are designed to quickly and positively conclude the action so our clients can continue in their chosen field of practice.

The firm's litigation philosophy is similar.   Our experience with insurers, third-party administrators, and various licensing boards, enables us to quickly and efficiently determine the issues in dispute, identify potential exposures and defenses, and move the matter toward resolution so as to avoid draining a practice’s resources. 

Accordingly, whether our clients are confronted with disciplinary actions, fraud suits, claims for restitution, insurer audits, or general litigation claims, we provide sound experienced counsel.


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