Municipal Court:

Often the first contact people have with the New Jersey Court system is when they face charges of driving while intoxicated, drug possession, or traffic offenses in Municipal Court.  The attorneys at MIDLIGE RICHTER have regularly represented clients in Municipal Courts throughout Somerset, Hunterdon and Morris counties on a host of offenses ranging from simple traffic violations to the most serious alcohol or drug related charges.

We are committed to zealously representing our clients in every municipal court matter.  Our representation implements an aggressive approach, with the ultimate goal of avoiding conviction or fines against our clients.  Where the State’s evidence is convincing, we utilize our combined 25 years experience to negotiate the best possible resolution for our clients.

The attorneys at MIDLIGE RICHTER represent clients facing a host of charges in Municipal Court, including:

      • Traffic violations and speeding tickets
      • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (“DUI”)
      • Municipal Code violations;
      • Disorderly persons offenses;
      • Minor drug offenses; and
      • All other charges which may bring you before a Municipal Court Judge

Even seemingly minor traffic tickets or Municipal Code violations can have a serious impact on your life, whether it is in the form of “points” on your driving record, insurance surcharges, or costly fines.  

At MIDLIGE RICHTER we are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results on all Municipal Court charges, and minimizing the impact these charges may have on our clients’ lives.



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