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We Focus on One Thing. And Only One Thing. Midlige Richter is New Jersey’s go-to specialty law firm exclusively focused on protecting healthcare professionals by securing proper reimbursement of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits from insurance companies.

The complicated and ever-changing nuances of PIP law demand a firm that is uniquely qualified to navigate the reimbursement minefield for its healthcare clients. Midlige Richter is that firm! Our expertise in the health care reimbursement arena stems from our long-standing knowledge from both sides of the industry, and its ever-changing and complex regulatory and reimbursement environments.

While many law firms are a jack of all trades and master of none, Midlige Richter is the complete opposite. Our exclusive focus is on counseling medical providers seeking insurance reimbursement on patient accounts, and securing proper reimbursement when the inevitable reductions take place.

Having spent more than twenty five combined years working for the insurance industry, Midlige Richter is uniquely positioned to leverage this inside information to its clients’ benefit. Our holistic approach to the PIP arbitration process allows us to anticipate and proactively counter the industries’ ever-evolving denial strategies, resulting in unparalleled recoveries for our clients.

We Protect Your Revenue Stream

The delivery of healthcare products and services is challenging enough without losing valuable revenue due to administrative mistakes, oversight, misinterpretations or misunderstandings about how care has been delivered or documented. Advocating on your behalf – to protect your money – is our business. Let us help.

See For Yourself

Since we opened our doors, we have focused on recovering every dollar our clients are owed. To date we have recovered $89,198,670.84. For one of our hospital system clients we average more than $1,000,000 per month in recovery. We have secured one orthopedic practice client more than $5,500,000, and a single pain management physician more than $3,700,000.

Our process and laser focus have decreased the Accounts Receivable timeframe for hospital, health system, and medical provider clients alike, translating into a significant gain in net revenue to our client’s bottom lines.

Our record of success has been built based on a hard-earned, in-depth knowledge of the agencies and their rules, their reimbursement policies, and our integration of problem-solving skills and the highest quality expert resources.


Sometimes, an Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Midlige Richter delivers a full range of value-added and cost-effective services and strategies to our clients. No matter the size of your hospital or practice, we take the time to understand the intricacies of it so that we can tailor our service to your unique situation. No doubt, enacting smart solutions today can only help strengthen your healthcare business tomorrow. That’s why we offer clients with the education, training, and resources they need to help them become more informed and empowered to mitigate payment denials and shorten revenue cycles.

We’re Focused, but with a Foundation of Broad Experience

Alongside our place as the region’s go-to law firm in securing Personal Injury Protection benefits, our firm also brings a breadth of expertise spanning an array of other legal disciplines. We combine sophisticated legal skills with a depth of experience to develop innovative, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to the legal challenges our clients face.