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Who We Represent

Midlige Richter is protecting and advancing the financial interests of healthcare providers of all forms, shapes, and sizes. Our clients are not just our business. They are the reason we exist.

We have been successfully representing health care providers in PIP cases for over 2 decades. From hospitals, medical practice groups, chiropractors, orthopedics, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation facilities, pharmacies, MRI providers, and many other healthcare businesses, our firm is exclusively focused on protecting healthcare professionals by securing proper reimbursement of Personal Injury Protection benefits from insurance companies.

Our goal as a law firm is to advance the financial interests of healthcare providers. The legal team at Midlige Richter is seasoned and second to none – with a thorough understanding of the legal landscape facing medical providers. You’ll rest easier knowing your case is being handled directly by a senior partner who is fully accessible, fully committed, and 100% reliable to serving your case and keeping you informed every step of the way. We are known throughout the legal and business communities for our ability to achieve stellar results, deliver smart, strategic guidance, and legal expertise to the full spectrum of providers within the healthcare industry.

Hospitals + Surgery Center

Hospitals + Surgery Center
We know that, no matter the size, institutional medical providers are encountering an active and growing threat of revenue reducing tactics and financial cost pressures from PIP insurers.

Orthopedic Surgeons + Pain Management

Orthopedic Surgeons + Pain Management
We help physicians spend far less time justifying their medical decision-making or overcoming procedural hurdles imposed by insurance firms - so they can remain focused on what's most important, delivering care to patients.

Radiology, Anesthesia, & Ancillary Services

Radiology, Anesthesia, & Ancillary Providers
Ancillary medical providers frequently experience ongoing procedural hurdles and denial tactics, whether they realize it or not.

Chiropractic, Diagnostic, and Rehabilitative Medicine

Chiropractic, Diagnostic, and Rehabilitative Medicine
Core providers of any treatment regimen rightfully deserve full reimbursement for rendered services, especially in the face of wrongful attempts by insurers to limit such treatments to curtail costs.